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The 2016 Latin American and Caribbean Economics Association (LACEA) and the Latin American Meetings of the Econometric Society (LAMES) Annual Meetings will take place in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia from November 10 to 12, 2016.


The meetings will be hosted by Universidad EAFIT and the Colombian Central Bank (Banco de la República de Colombia) and will take place at Universidad EAFIT's main campus. 


By registering to the LACEA – LAMES 2016 annual meetings, participants will be welcomed to attend all sessions. 


Please note that authors may only present one paper to each association. Each person however may be co-author of several papers presented. In order to submit a paper for LAMES you must be an active member of the Econometric Society. Likewise in order to submit a paper to LACEA you must be an active member of LACEA.​


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International Economic Association



RIDGE Aug Workshop 2018


Montevideo, Uruguay 

Inflation Expectations

August 3rd, 2018



RIDGE Dec Forum 2018


Montevideo, Uruguay

Economic History

7 – 8 December

Financial Stability

4 – 5 December

International Macro

6 – 7 December

Trade and Firm Dynamics/Growth and Development

12 – 14 December


13 – 14 December

Environmental Economics

10 – 11 December

Public conference by Elhanan Helpman

12 December



Buenos Aires, Argentina


13 – 14 December


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